Brazil announce squad for Republic of Ireland 2nd March 2010

February 9, 2010 at 10:30 22 comments

Dunga and Jorginho

Dunga has called up 22 players to face the Republic in Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium on 2nd March.

AC Milan’s Ronaldinho Gaúcho has been left out once again and is now unlikely to be called up for the World Cup. Ronaldinho’s last appearance for his country was in April last year against Peru. Also out are Liverpool midfielder Lucas, São Paulo centreback Miranda, leftwing back André Santos of Fernerbahçe and Grêmio keeper Victor.

Dunga has recalled Lyon’s Michel Bastos, Roma’s Juan and Doni, Flamengo’s Kléberson and Cruzeiro’s Gilberto. The latter is the only surprise. Gilberto has been operating in midfield for Cruzeiro but may act as a leftback for Brazil.

The match vs Ireland will be Brazil’s only fixture before the World Cup finals in South Africa.

Dunga’s team start their World Cup campaign against North Korea on 15th June. Five days later they play Ivory Coast and then finish the Group stage against Portugal on 25th June.

Brazil squad in full:

Goalkeepers: Julio César (Inter Milan), Doni (Roma)

Wingbacks: Maicon (Inter Milan), Daniel Alves (Barcelona), Gilberto (Cruzeiro),
Michel Bastos (Lyon)

Centrebacks: Juan (Roma), Lúcio (Inter Milan), Luisão (Benfica), Thiago Silva (AC Milan)
Midfielders: Gilberto Silva (Panathinaikos), Josué (Wolfsburg), Felipe Melo (Juventus), Kaká (Real Madrid), Ramires (Benfica), Elano (Galatasaray), Julio Baptista (Roma), Kleberson (Flamengo)

Forwards: Robinho (Santos), Adriano (Flamengo), Nilmar (Villarreal), Luis Fabiano (Seville)

Luís Fabiano out. Grafite and Carlos Eduardo in

Brazil’s probable starting line-up here


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Robinho stunner sinks São Paulo Santos struggle but stay top

22 Comments Add your own

  • 1. JJ  |  February 9, 2010 at 16:49

    Does Ronaldo stand any chance of making it?

  • 2. pitacodogringo  |  February 9, 2010 at 18:01

    Dunga says the door’s still open but i can’t see it now unless there are a number of injuries

  • 3. pitacodogringo  |  February 9, 2010 at 18:08

    Just to clear up any confusion – Liverpool’s Lucas is out. The BBC post got the squad from my original post OR the original Globo Esporte post (the place i also got the squad from) which included the Lucas error.
    when i realized there were 23 players on my list, i went through it and removed Lucas.
    here’s the Brazilian Football Federation post and you can’t get anything more official than that:

  • 4. CJB  |  February 9, 2010 at 18:57

    Aww, disappointing not to see Ronaldinho be given a chance here. Surely there must have been some space for Dunga to include him in by replacing someone like Kleberson.

    It will be interesting to see who Dunga chooses at RB.

    I also wonder if these forwards are the four he intends on bringing to South Africa. I thought that he will be bringing five so there is room for one more. I would really like to see Pato and Ronaldinho included. And if there is a possibility of Ronaldo gaining fitness and form by June, he should be given his farewell tournament.

    Glad to see Dunga still has faith in Robinho, who along with Luis Fabiano always show class on the pitch with the Selecao.

    • 5. davi paulinho  |  February 15, 2010 at 23:14

      What are you talking about? Ronaldo deserves a farewell tournament? Who would give Dunga a break if Brazil failed to win the Cup? If he thinks Ronaldo isn’t the best choice for the team, Ronaldo should stay at Corinthians. One doesn’t select for A Seleção based on whether someone deserves a farewell party.

  • 6. Raed  |  February 10, 2010 at 18:54

    Do you see any chance of Brazil wining the world cup? Be honest – how far will Brazil go this time and why? Thanks

    • 7. pitacodogringo  |  February 12, 2010 at 20:37

      of course Brazil have a very good chance as on their day they are a match for anyone. the really tricky thing will be the Group stage. brazil have a track record of underestimating so-called weaker sides and this could be their undoing if they’re not careful

  • 8. Erk  |  February 11, 2010 at 22:43

    gief alex de souza a chance he deserves more than other alex who plays in spartak moscow zZzz dunga u phail

  • 9. Rufai Amin  |  February 12, 2010 at 15:05

    Dunga what problem do you have with Ronaldinho.Cus he plays well at Ac Milan.

    • 10. davi paulinho  |  February 15, 2010 at 23:19

      Choosing players for the national team depends on what needs the manager thinks the team has. Remember, Big Phil didn’t select Romario, not because Romario didn’t “deserve” to be chosen, but because he didn’t play the right style for the team Felipão was constructing. What makes you think that Ronaldinho would fit into the team Dunga is constructing? Many Brazilians thought that Kaká and Robinho weren’t meshing, much less either of them with Ronaldinho. Just like many English think that Lampard and Gerrard don’t play well together, even though both are wonderful talents in the right context.

  • 11. bobbygee  |  February 13, 2010 at 11:09

    These are all good choices. Ronaldinho will kill the team chemistry. He is past his prime. I forget Carnaval is this weekend.

  • 12. Daniel Powell  |  February 13, 2010 at 16:23

    This is Kaka’s world cup!!!

    • 13. davi paulinho  |  February 15, 2010 at 23:20

      It might be Fabiano’s or Nilmar’s world cup.

  • 14. Carlos Simon  |  February 14, 2010 at 11:32

    For Brazil to win this is the team they need:
    GOALKEEPERS: Julio Cesar, Doni; DEFENDERS: Wing-Fabio Aurelio, Andre Santos, Dani Alves, Maicon; MIDFIELDERS: Defensive Midfielders- Naldo, Anderson, Fernando Menegazzo, Felipe Melo; Attacking Midfielders- Alex, Kaka, Michel Bastos, Hernanes; STRIKERS-Welliton Soares Moares (Club Spartak Moscow), Luis Fabiano, Milmar, Alex Pato, Kerrison. Valuable additions I have made in this list which Kaka has not included are – Striker Welliton Soares who is left footed and in the Russian league has scored 30 goals in 40 games. Dunga is playing with only one striker this is a mistake. He shoul play 2 strkiers – Welliton on the left and Fabiano on the Right ! ! ! WELLITON SHOULD COMPULSORILY BE INCLUDED IN THE SQUAD. Dunga should take at least 5 strikers in the squad to South Africa. What if two are injured and one is out of form? THen you still have at least 2 strikers operating. Dunga is attempting to use Bastos as a Defensive LEft back. This is a position he is not used to. For Lyon, he plays as an attacking midfielder on the Rigth side. He should also include HERNANES, this is a talented player who is playing very well in the brazilian league and must be in the team. Similarly Alex of Spartak Moscow should be included. In the DEfensive midfiled position he should play Naldo and Fernando Menegazzo as a first choice. Naldo is a free kick expert and has a powerful thunderous wicked curling shot. Also he is 6 foot 6 inches tall and is an ariel powerhouse in defensive midfield. Fernando Menegazzo plays for Club Bordeuaux which is in first place in the french league and he is in terrific form and he SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE SQUAD. Fabio Aurelio takes excellent free kicks and he should make another good addition. Players like Gilberto Silva, Josue and Elano are good, but the players I have listed are superior.

    • 15. davi paulinho  |  February 15, 2010 at 23:25

      It simply is untrue that Dunga has chosen only one striker. Fabiano, Nilmar, Adriano, there’s three. I forget the fourth he named. You’re right that he could add another, as five strikers are not too many to carry, but he already has several. Your contention that he’s named only one is clearly wrong.

  • 16. davi paulinho  |  February 15, 2010 at 22:05

    What do you think of the goalkeeping selections? I’ve watched the two Serie A keepers and would prefer Gomes of Tottenham in the EPL. Do you get to watch these players based in Europe?

    Second question: I live in Recife half of each year and have to bring Marmite. Do you buy it in São Paulo?

    • 17. pitacodogringo  |  February 17, 2010 at 13:11

      i think that last year at least, Júlio César was amongst the world’s top keepers. i saw a lot of Doni when he was playing here in Brazil but haven’t followed his career in europe that much.

      can’t get ‘black gold’ (Marmite) here in SP! fortunately, i’m planning a trip to the UK so i’ll be able to restock! haha

  • 18. basa  |  February 16, 2010 at 08:07

    i would die to see Thaigo Neves -who play for my team- in the squad….. hes really good and young. whats wrong Diago, i think he deserves a place in the line-up.
    Ronlado all what he have now is momeries>>>my favorite of all time
    what you think of Adrino…..? i didn’t watch him this season..but if he could paly half as good as he could,,,,i’ll be pleased…
    two or three years ago a brazilain defender played for my team his name is Tavares…hes good

  • 19. Daniel  |  February 19, 2010 at 09:02

    Not Calamity Gomes, has to be Julio Cesar.He has proved himself time and again especially when brazil where struggling in those away games during qualifying.I follow the english Premiership so not a wise decision.
    As for it being Kaka’s world cup, Brazil always has that creative number 10 who heads there world cup chance, has to be this mans time.

  • 20. Jonathan  |  February 23, 2010 at 22:54

    Yeah, in my opinion Kleberson ahead of Ronaldinho is just crazy.

  • 21. shavy  |  February 28, 2010 at 16:12

    I do think that ronaldinho should have been picked reaplacing elano.. But sayin that robinho shouldn’t be included is rubbish.. Look at him now, when he was at Man City he wasn’t happy so he couldn’t ave played well, and plus the coach was playing him in a position he doesn’t like so.. Ronaldo should come back over adriano( worst brazilian #9 eva)

  • 22. memo  |  March 3, 2010 at 06:36

    Donga is the worst Brazilian coach ever ……where is Alexander Pato


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